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Here’s The Deal




I got fat… because:

Aging, a job I began to hate, work (and mental) hours that were just stupid, bad freakin’ food choices because I was too tired to cook or care, a lifetime of bad ankles that I was told to stay off of as a career (but still walked on repeatedly for a living)… and me not having the time, desire or motivation to ever change any of it.

Well, it’s a new day!

I am celebrating the loss of 10lbs. I have 30 to go, so yah, not losing focus IS my current focus. But, you have to acknowledge the milestones and this is one of them.


P.S. Yesterday, someone in a checkout line told me I looked “sparkly!”… With all honesty, that’s the best compliment I have had from a stranger in years!

UPDATE: Marking the loss of 20lbs. 9.30.15

Long Beach, Washington August 2015