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Mt. Shasta in the House




Hello Mt. Shasta. What a handsome mountain you are! Just a peak of light left to capture this photo on the iPhone from inside the car… of course I wasn’t driving at the time… I mean, I am not that foolish. Of course my co-pilot had no trouble letting me know that there would be a better shot coming up in a mile or two!

Day 1 of the road trip is over and all went very well. We covered a lot of ground and are now settling into our hotel room in Redding, Ca. Had lunch at Shari’s on the way down, which actually turned into breakfast as we both had eggs. Dad had killer sausage and I had a slab of bone-in ham with frightfully good potato pancakes. NomNom… Yummers all around!

Back on the road and all was fine until we hit the downside of the Siskiyous where it got dark, the roads windy (as in “turny” rather than “blowy”), the rain got very wet and the roads got very splashy. Not a real fun hour or so. But, once we came down out of the hills the weather lifted and we arrived at our hotel almost like clockwork once we enabled google maps. We decided to eat dinner at the hotel and after a few cocktails decided we had the made the right decision. Back in our room by 8:30pm, Dad was up for some basketball while I settled in with “A Christmas Carol”.

God bless us, every one…